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Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

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Unsere derzeit liebste britische Debütantenband und Album des Monats September kommt für ihre ersten Konzerte überhaupt nach Deutschland. Pflichttermin, fürwahr. Und damit die werten Leser auch mit pflichtterminen können, verlosen wir für die Konzerte in Hamburg, München und Berlin jeweils zwei Karten!

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Und nun, welche Songs und Platten haben die Doo-Wop-Shoegazer mit dem Rockabilly-Outfit denn nun selbst am liebsten?

Your three favourite punk songs:

“White man in Hammersmith Palais” by the Clash – I love the Clash more than any other band and this is my favourite song of theirs. I think it outgrows the so-called “Punk” genre and shows their ability to bring in musical influences from all over the world

“Bodies” by The Sex Pistols – This is the way shocking things should be – totally vile. If you listen to the lyrics it shows you just how much The Pistols broke walls down for free speeh, not just music.

“Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash – This song has more of a punk element than almost anything that came out of the 76-78 era. So many bands back then should have realised that punk wasn’t about spitting and wearing safety pins, it was about saying “fuck you” and doing what was in your heart.

Best scottish song:

Scotland doesn’t have many songs about it, a band called Runrig try and do it but they’re fucking awful if they’re still around. And if they’ve split up, then they were fucking awful. If i had to pick one though it would be “Delilah” by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band because they sound like any other couple at the weekend in Glasgow

Favourite The Jesus And Mary Chain song:

“A Perfect Crime” – This is one of their lesser known tracks but the story in the lyrics is about a couple who fall in and out of love and end up hurting one another. I like it as it’s really short and to the point.

The best song lyrics ever:

25 Minutes to go by Johnny Cash – This song is a countdown of the last 25 minutes of a man on death row who is about to be hanged. That makes it sound very morbid but it’s got some of the funniest lyrics

The worst band around:

Contrary to what i said about Runrig, i don’t think that people need to be told who’s shit and who’s good, everyone has their own take on things so if i like or dislike something it shouldn’t affect what other people think. Thats what sheep and lemmings do, not us Homo Sapiens

Favourite German record:

I don’t know much about German music. Anything by Autobahn, the rocking nihilists. And i still can’t believe you let Hasselhoff on the part of the wall that WASN’T being knocked down.

Favourite Record of all time:

Stephen Ball/ Shaun Slator/ Dave Snelling/ Stefano Dacastello – These guys have a fantastic record. They all jointly hold the world record for eating 6 Ferrero Rocher chocolates in a minute. Hope this is an adequate record. It’s accurate at the time of writing.

(Paul Donoghue, Glasvegas)

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* Album des Monats September: Platz 1

Glasvegas (präsentiert vom Popblog):
* 16.11.2008, Hamburg, Molotow
* 20.11.2008, Berlin, Magnet Club
* 21.11.2008, München, Atomic Café

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Cheating Heart


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