vonChristian Ihle 20.07.2010

Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

Mehr über diesen Blog

„There’s something so innately hateable about chill-wave you almost feel sorry for bands who are unlucky enough to be making it. Propagated by bet-hedging bloggers, who, like Ourobouros eating its own post-post-ironic tail, are no longer able to tell their left from right, their achingly hip from epic fail. You’d be forgiven for wondering whether or not anybody actually likes it, or if it’s just a flaming turd in a brown paper bag, laid at the mainstream’s doorstep by the blogosphere.
Consequently, only about half of Glasgow’s usual gigeratti are here (Anm: bei einem Washed Out Gig in Glasgow); the other half, presumably, sit on the LOLZ side of the fence. (…) Shoestring-budgeted dream-pop that gets people dancing in the awkward, disjointed way that white-skinned indie types are prone to whenever there’s a bassline nearby.“

(Barry Nicolson über das Chillwave-Genre anlässlich eines Glasgower Washed Out Konzertes im NME)

Das hier, zum Beispiel:


* Die ersten 300 Folgen Schmähkritik
* Wer disst wen?


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