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Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

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Blutjung und mit dem Blues im Bunde sind die Smoke Fairies aus Großbritannien. Den Ritterschlag für alle Freunde der handgemachten Musik gab es auch schon, nämlich eine Veröffentlichung auf Jack Whites „Third Man Records“ – Label. Und zwar als erster britischer Act überhaupt und gleich noch mit Mr White selbst an Gitarre und Drums. Im Mai ist das zweite Album der beiden Britinnen erschienen und wir haben Katherine Blamire und Jessica Davies einige deutsche Songs vorgespielt:

Blumfeld – Graue Wolken (2001)


J: A bit boring. The happiness of the tune seemed a bit at odds with the depressing nature of the song.

K: I don´t really like saxophone solos. They make remind me of boring times and uncomfortable moments in lifts.

Hans Unstern – Paris (2010)


K: I liked the oddness of this song. It seems to draw you into a strange world. It´s quite mesmorising watching the video. I wish I could doodle as well as that guy.

J: I often like to reminisce about the different phases you go through and people you meet along the way so this song’s sentiment appealed to me. There was a great music box sound in there too.

Ton Steine Scherben – Paul Panzer’s Blues (1972)


K: I liked the unrestrained performance… I´ve never really heard a German take on the blues before. There was a defiance to the vocals. It was interesting to hear.. and quite strange.

J: It’s standard 12 bar blues, but with a creepy set of chords thrown in which makes it interesting and strange. When it switches back to standard blues in the middle it got a bit tedious though.

Tocotronic – Aber hier leben, nein danke! (2005)


J: I like the twangy guitar sound, but was hoping for a massive uplifting chorus that never materialized. If I was hearing it live I would probably be jumping up and down likethe audience in the video. Good music to jump up and down to.

K: There was something quite bleak about the repetitive melody.

Ja, Panik- Evening Sun (2011)


K: It´s like the soundtrack to a date that´s gone a bit wrong and turned quite creepy. It´s like you finally got the courage to ask out the arty looking person you have admired from a distance, but then when you finally got to go on a date you realise they are a complete lunatic who starts talking about how his soul is stuck outside the room.

J: The chords of the song didn’t really appeal to me, but the recording captures a live feeling evoking images of lots a guys playing and singing in a room which I appreciated.

Das neue Album von Smoke Fairies, „Blood Speaks“, ist bereits erschienen:

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