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Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

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Die norwegische Band Team Me hat im letzten Jahr mit ihrem Los Campesinos auf Prozac – Sound für einiges Aufsehen gesorgt – dank Songs wie „Patrick Wolf & Daniel Johns“ und „With My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared to Have a Look At You Now“ auch völlig zurecht:

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Zu Beginn des Jahres haben Team Me nun eine EP mit neuen Songs hinterhergeschoben, auf der vor allem die Erinnerung an die Olympischen Spiele von 1994 im heimischen Lillehammer gefällt: „Winter Olympics ’94„.

Wir haben den norwegischen Indiepoppern nun eine handvoll Songs vorgespielt:

Ja, Panik – Alles hin hin hin (2009)

YouTube Preview Image

First thought was The Cure on antidepressants, which is a compliment! We really liked the hyperactive piano playing, but it would be awesome if the versus was as rock n‘ roll as the choruses. Cool video too! Thumbs up! ALLES ANGST!!! We like.
Fun fact: The guy with the glasses looks like our former drummer Christian Løvhaug.

Chuckamuck – Gestern traf ich Dan Treacy (2011)


This song sounded too much like a bad rip off of The Kooks… He might have a super awesome deep intellectual text and story though, but how do we know… Our german vocabulary consists more or less of danke shön and bitte shön… And Harasjøen.

Die Sterne – Was hat dich bloss so ruiniert? (1996)

What’s up with his tooth? Did he got into a fight? Did he fell down the stairs? Or is it some kind of german fashion? The video looks like something we have in Norway called „Danseband Jukebox“. Musically it sounds like „house of the rising sun“, and we think The Animals do it better than Die Sterne.

Mikrofisch – The Kids Are All Shite (2008)


This is probably the most catchy song we’ve heard in a while. It sounds like a norwegian underground legend called Hildur from Flisa in Norway, which we all love. Like a mix between Hildur (from Norway) and Kraftwerk. Whats not to like?! Approved!

Tocotronic – Kapitulation (2007)

YouTube Preview Image

Not sure what to say about this song. It’s hard to say when we have no idea what they’re singing about (besides that one part where he says „fuck it all“, I wonder if that’s a Slipknot reference…), but musically this was pretty boring… It looks like the band is about to fall asleep while playing. Cool costumes though!

(Antworten: Simen Schikulski und Simen Skari von Team Me)

Die neue EP von Team Me, „Female Lead“ ist bereits erschienen

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